LEASING for all our products!

Together with HANSE FINANZHAUS and LEASINGUNION, we can now offer attractive leasing offers for our entire product range. Fast, professional, and uncomplicated, true to the motto: “LEASING instead of ELECTRICITY BILLS”


Leasing assets is an interesting and important type of financing and, in addition to protecting your equity, offers you numerous advantages that help you maintain your economic independence. Leasing installments have a tax-reducing effect. They are fixed, transparent and remain constant. You will immediately achieve savings on your electricity bill and thus pay the main part of the leasing rate during use. In this way, you can make an important contribution to your company`s success and to the climate change. At the end of the leasing period, you become owner and have full benefits for many years to come.

Leasing advantages at a glance:

  • Business advantages:Leasing does not tie up capital, i.e. H. You invest off-balance sheet and therefore protect your equity.
  • Preserve liquidity:Gain financial flexibility. In addition to your equity, protect your credit lines at your bank.
  • Tax Advantages:Leasing installments are operating expenses that are fully included in the income statement and have a tax-reducing effect.
  • Secure calculation basis:Leasing payments are firmly agreed and remain constant and transparent throughout the entire period. The monthly payments provide a clear basis for planning and consts and thus make internal calculations easier.
  • Pay as you save – you pay parallel to your use: leasing payments run parallel to the use of the products. The first installment is due upon first use and not one day earlier. Since the current income and savings are generally higher than the current leasing installments, the investment is financed from the revenue generated.
  • Conditions:Due to the large number of leasing institutions our partners have, we can obtain optimal conditions for your investment.
  • Contract design tailored to your needs:The leasing contract is tailored exactly to your needs!

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