Another SOLARCONTAINER project was successfully implemented by our partner bms montage GmbH in the KLAPFENBÖCK gravel pit in Alkoven, Upper Austria.

The massive increase in electricity costs in recent years and the constantly high demand for electricity to operate the gravel works with its electric driven processing plants has led the entrepreneur Johann Klapfenböck to look for alternative and sustainable concepts for producing his own electricity in his pit. He then found what he was looking for at the company bms – best modification systems – which presented him with the POWERCON solar container as the optimal solution for mobile power generation and was also able to offer the entire planning and installation.

A total of 4 solar container with a production capacity of 300kWp were successfully installed and put into operation. As desired, almost all the solar power produced is consumed in the gravel works and only the excess electricity is fed into the grid. An investment that pays off and makes a significant contribution to energy independence and sustainability!

In gravel works and quarries, solar power generation via solarcontainers is a future-oriented solution with enormous potential for operators but also for investors.

The advantages of the POWERCON are the quick assembly time, mobility, scalability and longevity thanks to the robust construction.

After delivery of a POWERCON solarcontainer, which contains all the required components such as the pre-assembled solar panels and inverter etc., the first step is to lay the rails and then pull out the panel construction and the system can then be connected and put into operation immediately. Each solar container requires an area of approx. 90 m long and 6 m wide. The POWERCON can also be retracted again in a very short time and moved to another location if necessary. This mobility and easy scalability characterize the concept. The latest version, the POWERCON 80 from HARTL ENERGY, also scores with a very favorable price- performance ratio, which represents an attractive ROI.

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