At the MWAEV SHOW we successfully exhibited our renewable energy solutions for the construction industry and were able to inspire the broad audience with our LIVE demo on site.

Designing the construction site of the future to be CO2 neutral and actively contributing to environmental protection and the climate goals set was the big trend in the industry and probably the most important topic of discussion at the leading construction trade fair in St. Pölten, Austria.

We are particularly pleased that our solutions offer an integral part and contribution to the energy transition in construction.

The POWERTOP was demonstrated, mounted on the company`s own exhibition container, to produce green solar power on site at the expo and then use it in the exhibition container. The excess solar power generated was then stored directly in the newly and soon to be launched POWERCUBE energy storage system (BESS). With a storage capacity of 15 kWh and a hybrid inverter output of 10 kW, the POWERCUBE battery storage system scored as optimal synergy. The POWERCUBE is three-phase, black start, and island capable. This meant we were able to supply our trade fair stand completely self-sufficient and CO2 neutrally.

In addition, the new product POWERSLIDE, a mobile and quickly set-up solar system for 10-foot containers, also fed into the POWERCUBE and increased solar power production.

An exciting HIGHLIGHT was also the POWERCON solar container, which, as a mobile solar container with an output of 80 kWp, particularly aroused the interest of gravel pits and quarry owners. The main goal here is to reduce the massive electricity costs to optimize the high level of self-consumption in a climate-friendly way. Here we were particularly able to score point with our already established customer references and successfully implemented projects.

A big thank you goes to all interested visitors and especially to all our customers and friends, some of whom have been with us for many years, who visited us at our trade fair stand and made the MAWEV SHOW 2024 a special event for us.