Created in 2006, IMPLENIA looks back on around 150 years of building tradition. The Swiss company employs over 9.000 people across Europe and brings together the know-how of highly qualified consulting, development, planning and execution units under one roof to form an integrated, multinational construction and real estate service provider. The needs of customers and a sustainable balance between economic success and social and ecological responsibility are the focus at IMPLENIA. Sustainability and environmental protection are among the company`s core values. IMPLENA is now demonstrating that these values are lived and implemented on several construction sites, where green solar energy is produced sustainably and cost-effectively on the roofs of the construction site containers.

IMPLENIA relies here on the expertise and solutions from the Austrian family company HARTL ENERGY, especially their POWERTOP.

The POWERTOP is a flexible, mobile and robust photovoltaic system for container roofs to generate energy on site, exactly where it is consumed. The POWERTOP is delivered to the construction site in a reusable box or in an already assembled in batches. The system is ready for final installation in just a few steps. The “One Size Fits All” design of the POWERTOP allows to be mounted on standard containers as well as containers with a width of 3 m thanks to its telescopic folding modules. It is placed on the container with a crane, locked at the ISO corners and connected to the container`s power input. The power supply is guaranteed immediately after installation. No trained staff is required for this work. The POWERTOP is available in the BAISIC version, which is the basic model and consist of the flexible frame and the pre-assembled PV modules, as well as the COMBI version, which also includes microinverter and cable harness and can be combined with the complete “PLUG&PLAY” version FLEX.

The shading function of the POWERTOPs on the container roofs also ensures thermal insulation and thus further reduces the electricity consumption for any cooling of the container offices in summer.

HARTL ENERGY is very pleased to have gained another renowned construction group as a customer with IMPLENIA and is looking forward to long-term cooperation and many more exciting projects in the spirit of sustainability. This is how the energy transition works in construction!

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