We are happy to introduce you to HARTL ENERGY GMBH with its innovative products POWERTOP and POWERBAG.

HARTL ENERGY GMBH is an Austrian company dedicated to the development, production and international sale of renewable energy concepts and products for the construction industry. The construction site of the future should be CO2-neutral, cost-efficient, and economically sustainable. With its solutions and products, HARTL ENERGY wants to contribute to global change.


The POWERTOP is a mobile, robust, and easily attachable solar power system for containers to produce electricity on site and use it directly. It is placed on a container with a crane or forklift, locked at the ISO corners and connected to the container’s power connections. The power supply is guaranteed immediately after installation. In addition, the POWERTOP creates natural shading of the container, which leads to a further reduction in energy requirements and costs.


The POWERTOP can be easily and simply integrated into existing network infrastructures using the plug & play principle and supplies consumers directly with self-generated solar power. In the standard version, there is no feedback into the grid. No electrical installation or configuration is required, and the system is ready to use once it is attached and connected. If desired, several POWERTOP systems can be connected to one another at any time.


The POWERTOP can be combined with several energy storage systems. Excess energy is temporarily stored and makes the renewable energy available to consumers via the storage system even if, for example, production is not possible.

The POWERBAG: This mobile energy store is charged by the electricity generated by the POWERTOP and is then available as a flexible energy source to all consumers inside and/or outside the container. As a result, the consumers can also be operated when the POWERTOP is not generating any electricity. If required, several POWERBAG units can easily be lined up next to each other.

For more information visit www.hartl-energy.com or contact us directly. The HARTL ENERGY POWERTOP & POWERBAG are sold worldwide and we are now looking for sales partners! We are at your disposal for further information under office@hartl-energy.com.